Supporting education

The Nova Capital team sees its future as linked to the future of Russia. We want to live in a strong, free, civilized, technologically developed, and spiritually rich country that is a respected member of the global community. We want our children to be able to receive the best education and realize their intellectual and creative potential in Russia. We believe that a quality and modern education is the foundation of a successful future for every child and for our entire country. Nova Capital has contributed to promoting the IB programs in Russia by supporting the activities of the Educational Trust Foundation.

In 2013 Nova Capital has become the General Partner for the worldwide “The Art of Learning” program in Russia. In April of 2013 Nova Capital brought international education guru Lance King, the creator of "The Art of Learning" program to Moscow for his first ever trip to Russia. His workshops were attended by more than 120 high school students from Moscow gymnasiums 1529, 1259 and 1240, their parents and teachers from Moscow, the Moscow Region, Kogalym and Perm. Over 140 participants, including secondary school teachers and university lecturers, school board directors and heads of Russian educational institutions participated in his seminar «The Teaching Revolution and the IB».

We wholeheartedly support the efforts of the most advanced representatives of the Russian educational community who strive to introduce customized education for middle and high school students in Russia.

Nova Capital has become the General Partner for a series of conferences within the framework of “Entrance Navigator 2014” project.

Our immediate plans include expanding cooperation with the most respected Russian and international educational institutions and the leading education service providers to further improve the quality of education environment in Russia.

Video: "Russian Secondary Education in Reflection of International Standards" Conference opening on 17 September 2012

Regional projects

We strive to support social initiatives by local governments in the regions where we operate. We support local schools and WWII veterans, build children’s playgrounds, and take part in various environmental activities in the Rostov and Irkutsk regions.

Supporting the arts

We strive to contribute to developing our nation’s creative and spiritual potential. Our partners include Svetlana Sazhina’s Art Gallery and the Russian Academy of Modern Art.