Our mission
Transforming unique situations into efficient solutions

Our principles: 
  • Responsibility. The key principle underlying our work ethic is taking a responsible view from the investor’s perspective. We only offer our partners projects in which we are prepared to participate ourselves

  • Competence. Our most valuable asset is our team of experienced professionals. We are only active in industries where we have the in-depth knowledge and expertise

  • Independence. Our reputation as a company free from outside influence is very important to us. Our equity capital allows us to make truly independent investment decisions

  • Adaptability. Our key task is to respond to modern challenges. We strive to be flexible and exceed the expectations of our partners by offering them the most optimal investment solutions customized to meet their specific needs

  • Timeliness. Time is our partners’ most valuable resource. Our competencies and lean organizational structure enable us to provide our services free from excessive formalities and red tape